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Health/ PAWS/ Quest



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   Practice Kindness
   Accept Others
   Watch for people who need help
   Stand Tall and Strong
The PAWS Program is a unique program unlike any other class. PAWS is basically a transition class to help the 5th graders adapt to life in the middle school and in adjusting to the changes between elementary school and their new environment.  Part of the program is designed to work through the American Red Cross Basic Aide Training Course (BAT) which is an introductory first-aid and personal safety curriculum. The program is designed for children between the ages of 8-10 to teach them basic skills and knowledge necessary for children to identify and prevent potentially harmful situations, to be able to treat common injuries and to respond in emergency situations. The program emphasizes prevention to highlight its importance in reducing injuries. Each child is given a BAT workbook as part of the course.
Another aspect of this course focuses around various “project adventure” and team building activities. These activities and games are designed to teach the kids a number of objectives:
  • To increase the student's sense of personal confidence.
  • To increase mutual support and respect within a group.
  • To develop an increased level of agility and physical coordination.
  • To develop an increased joy in one’s physical self and in being with others.
Primarily, the activities are designed to help bring the students together as a group to build trust and to break down the artificial barriers between children as they separate themselves into groups of individuals. The concept of sharing and cooperation, as well as being able to accept the ideas and differences of others, is a primary focus in these courses.
Also incorporated in the PAWS curriculum, is the CASS (Creating a Safe School) program. High school mentors hold anti-bullying workshops to our 5th graders. Then, we are able to expand on these anti-bullying lessons and teach the children how to use these skills in their own lives.
Skills for adolescence were developed through a partnership of Lions Clubs International and Quest International, a nonprofit educational organization. The program helps students to become more self-confident, communicate better both at home and at school,  make decisions and solve conflicts based on facts rather than pressure from friends, and to say “NO” to alcohol and other drugs, The class will focus on seven specific areas:
1.       Understanding the many changes of adolescents.
2.       Building self-confidence and communication skills
3.       Understanding and managing feelings
4.       Improving friendships and resisting negative peer pressure
5.       Strengthening family relationships
6.       Living healthy and drug-free lives
7.       Setting goals for successful and healthy living
All of these life skills will help students to enter the difficult teen years as a strong confident people who can resist negative peer pressure from the inside or the outside.