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Lansing Middle School

        The School Age Child Care Program (S.A.C.C.P) is a non-profit organization that provides childcare services to students who attend the Lansing Elementary School.  The program consists of a morning program that operates before the school day begins and an afternoon program that operates after the school day ends.  The before and after school programs are way that the school can help working parents who have a family.  Our program is dedicated to providing recreational activity, relaxation, and fun in a safe environment for your child.  In addition, our program is supervised and structured to create an atmosphere where children can make choices about how to spend their time, and learn respect for themselves and others.  The program has been designed to provide care for your child at a reasonable cost.  We hope that you will always feel free to voice any questions, concerns, or suggestions that you may have.  We strive to create a positive place for your child and look forward to working with you to help make that happen.

        The Lansing Middle School after scool program is located in the cafeteria of the Middle School.  When you pick up your child you should park in the bus loop in front of the building and enter the building through the entrance next to the cafeteria.  Once you enter the building please come directly to the location of the program, you will need a visitors badge if you wish to go elsewhere in the school.

        The program is designed to meet the needs of children who participate in a regular school day at the Middle School.  It consists of recreational activities, free play, sports, games, as well as quiet time to work on homework, study or read a book.  We have a variety of board games, card games, art supplies, and sports equipment.  In addition, students can schedule computer time and library time during 2:15 and 3:00 or sign up for other clubs as well that are offered after school. 
        The After School Program operates from the time of dismissal at the Lansing Middle School until 5:45 p.m. every day that school is normally in session.  At Dismissal each student reports to the child care room in order to be checked in.  Students who participate in after school activities such as clubs, or sports still need to be checked in before attending the activity and must sign-out prior to leaving the child care room for a scheduled activity or to stay after with a teacher.   We must know that all the students are accounted for before we can begin the day’s activities.  There is space provided in the room for the kids to leave their book bags and belonging while they attend other activities in the building.  I highly recommend that the children do not bring in items from home.  If the children do bring in items from home to the program and they become lost or damaged the program is not responsible.  Furthermore, any items brought in to the childcare program should be appropriate for a school setting and if there is a problem with a particular item that a child brings to the program we will ask the child to put the item away and in the future not bring it to the program.
        After the students have been checked into the program they will have free time until approximately 3:00.  Students will be given the option to choose what activities they would like to do.  These activities may include going outside (weather permitting), playing in the gym if it is available to play an organized game, or staying in the room and doing an indoor activity.  Indoors activities consist of arts and crafts projects, games, books, drawing and coloring and on occasion cooking.  There is also an air hockey table, and foosball table in the room for the children to play as well.  Around 3:00 a snack will be provided for the students that consist of a variety of foods that change from day to day as well as a drink.  An alternative snack will be provided if the child cannot eat what is being served.  After the children are done eating snack and have cleaned up their area they will be directed to get out their agendas and homework.  About a half an hour to an hour will be set aside at this time for homework, studying or silent reading.  Please encourage your child to bring a book with them to the program each day so that they can read if they have no homework to do.  When the students have completed their study time around 4:00 t0 4:30 they will have free time he remainder of the afternoon until they are picked up.       
        Parents may pick up your children at any time during the hours of operation of the program.  In the afternoon all children need to be picked up by 5:45 p.m. when the program closes.  Often the children will be participating in activities outside the room.  To assist parents in finding their child, signs will be posted as to where we will be.  Before leaving we expect the children to clean up after their activities and projects, as well as returning any equipment to its proper place.  We will appreciate your support with this issue.  Parents need to sign their children out each day before leaving the program with their children.  If another person will be picking up your child, we must have a signed note from you or told verbally giving them permission to do so.  If there is a person who is denied the right to pick up your child, we need to know that in writing as well.  We will not release children without written or verbal notice from the parents or legal guardians.  In the event that a child is still at the program past the closing time of 5:45 at least one staff member will stay until an authorized person has picked up the child.  However, to avoid children experiencing unnecessary concern, parents need to call to notify the program if they will be running late.  If parents have not picked up a child by 5:45, a late fee of $5.00 for every 15 minutes will be charged.  If parents cannot be reached, the staff will begin calling the child’s emergency contacts at 6:00 p.m.  If at 7:00 p.m. the child still has not been picked up and the staff has not had any success reaching a responsible party to pick up the child the Sheriff’s Department will be notified.
        Each parent will have their own mail folder in the room.  Please check your parent folders on a regular basis for important notices and monthly bills.  They are located on the table by the entrance to the room.  There is also a box next to the folders for payments or suggestions.

        Admission to the School Age Child Care Program is primarily open to all students in grades 5, 6 and 7 who attend the Lansing Middle School.   However, children in the 8th grade who used the program the year before may use the program if space is available.  Enrollment into the program is on a first-come basis.  During the month of May, families who had children enrolled in the program during the current school year will be given registration forms for the following year first.  They will be given the first opportunity to secure a spot in the program for the following year and then any remaining spots will be opened up to families of 5th, 6th and 7th graders who have an interest in using the program.  Parents need to return the completed registration forms as soon as possible in order to secure their placement in the program for the following year.  Once all the available openings have been filled a waiting list will be started.  If openings should become available, the parents on the waiting list will then be contacted in the order that they were placed on the list.  In the event that parents who have registered for the following year have an unpaid balance when the school year ends they will lose their child's placement.  Their spot will be given to another parent who wishes to enroll their child in the program. 
        Enrollment in the after school program is based on a full time basis consisting of 5 days per week.  Parents are required to fill out and sign a registration form for each child being enrolled in the program.  There is a non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 per child, which is a one-time fee paid when enrolling your child into the program for the first time.  A child is officially enrolled in the program when the registration form has been filled out and returned to the Program Director with the registration fee.  A child cannot start attending the program if we do not have a completed registration on file and payment for the registration fee.  The program does not operate on a drop-in basis.
        The fee structure of our program is designed to cover the operating costs of the program.  As a non-profit service, any funds in excess of the operating costs are invested back into the program in the form of equipment, supplies, special activities and staff training.  Everyone will be charged for the days school is in session each week regardless of attendance.  Credits will not be given for missed days due to absences or children attending other activities.  The following list of fees are per child:
  • Registration Fee: $50.00 (non-refundable)
  • Daily Rate:  $10.70
  • Full Day Program Fee:  $25.00
  • Early Dismissal Day:  $2.00 extra is charged in addition to normal After School Fee.
  • Late Pick Up Fee- $5.00 for every 15 minutes.
  • Late Payment Fee- $15.00
        Program tuition fees are billed on a monthly basis.  The billing cycle begins on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month.  The bill for tuition will be placed in the folders of each family on the first day of each month.  The charges will cover the tuition for the current month and payment will be due by the last day of the month.  If any adjustments need to be made they will be done at the end of the month and will be reflected on the next billing statement.  If payments for tuition are not received before the next billing date your account is considered past due.  Overdue tuition balances need to be taken care of as soon as possible.  Failure to pay for tuition will result in the child not being allowed to attend the program. 
        The following guidelines will be used in regards to overdue account balances.  When the payment for the account has not received by the due date a $15 late fee will be charged to the account.  Parents will receive a letter from the Program Director reminding them that their bill is past due.  If arrangements are not made to take care of the outstanding account balance and the account remains overdue after two weeks from receiving their reminder letter the parents will receive a second notice.  If the account remains past due after 4 weeks the parents will receive a final notice and will no longer be eligible to use the program.  All unpaid balances must be paid in full by the last day of school or parents who have registered their child for the next school year will lose their placement in the program for the following year.  In addition, parents are not eligible to use the services of the summer program as well until the bill is paid in full.

(2018 – 2019)
         The Lansing School Age Child Care Program will generally follow the regular school calendar… meaning when the Middle School building is closed the program is closed as well.  Please be sure to pay special attention to the following dates that the program will not be open.  Hopefully this will give you plenty of time to plan ahead.  If the school should happen to make any changes to the yearly calendar during the school year that would affect the program schedule you will be informed as soon as possible.   
Monday                                  October 8th                                             Columbus Day
Monday                                  November 12th                                       Veteran's Day
Wednesday - Friday            November 21st – 23rd                           Thanksgiving Recess
Monday - Wednesday         December 24th – January 2nd            Winter Recess
Monday                                  January 21st                                            Martin Luther King Jr.
Monday - Friday                  February 18th – 22nd                            Mid-Winter Recess
Friday                                     March 22nd                                              Vacation Day
Monday - Friday                  April 15th – April 19th                            Spring Recess
Friday                                     May 24th                                                   Vacation Day
Monday                                  May 28th                                                   Memorial Day

        During the year, the Lansing Elementary School at times will have certain days scheduled for parent conferences.  When there are Parent Conference days scheduled we will often offer a full day program for those days.  Attendance for the full day programs is based on the child's enrollment.  Each child is enrolled in the program for certain days of the week.  If your child is “normally” enrolled in the After School Program on the same day that a full day program occurs, we will be expecting your child to attend the program that day.  Please notify the director as soon as possible before the scheduled full day program if your child will not be attending the program this day, otherwise you will be charged for that day whether your child attends or not.  If your child is not “normally” scheduled to attend the After School Program on the day that a full day program is scheduled, you will need to make other arrangements for your child.  A waiting list will be started in case some openings become available.  If openings should become available, the parents on the waiting list will then be contacted in the order that they were placed on the list.  The After School Program currently has full day program scheduled on each of the following days.  If any changes are made to the school calendar during the school year the program will adjust its schedule accordingly. 

Friday                                    October 26th                                   Parent/Teacher Conference Day
Monday                                 March 25th                                      Supt. Conference Day   
        On various days throughout the year the Lansing Elementary School uses early dismissals for parent conferences and training.  On these days the After School Program will generally open earlier based on what time the early dismissal takes place.  There will be an extra fee of $2.00 charged on early dismissal days, in addition to the normal afternoon fee, if your child attends. 
         At the beginning of each school year the office sends early dismissal/emergency closing forms home for parents to fill out.  The office will be using the information that you put on these forms to decide where your child will be sent on the early dismissal dates.  If your child is “normally” enrolled in the After School Program on the same day of an early dismissal day and you will be using the program on that day please include that information on the form when you send it back to the office.  If your child is scheduled to attend the program on the same day the school is having an early dismissal we will be expecting your child to attend that day.  Please notify the director as soon as possible before the scheduled early dismissal day if your child will not need the program on this day.  If your child is not “normally” scheduled to attend the After School Program on the same day of an early dismissal day you will need to make other arrangements for your child.  A waiting list will be started in case some openings become available.  The After School Program will open at the early dismissal time on each of the following days.  If any changes are made to the school calendar during the school year the program will adjust its schedule accordingly.

Friday                                     October 12th                                                 11:15 a.m.
Thursday                                October 25th                                                11:15 a.m.
Friday                                     November 9th                                              11:15 a.m.
Friday                                     February 1st                                                  11:15 a.m.
Monday                                  February 4th                                                 11:15 a.m.
Monday                                  June 24th                                                      11:15 a.m.
Tuesday                                  June 25th                                                      11:15 a.m

        If for any reason due to the weather, Lansing Central Schools are closed for the day, the School Age Child Care Program will also be closed as well.   In addition, if school is dismissed early due to an emergency (weather, etc), the After School Program closes as well.  The office will be sending forms home at the beginning of the school year to be filled out in the event that this happens.  The information that you fill out on these forms will be used to decide what should be done with your child if school should close early.  Please be sure to have a backup plan.  You can usually tune into the radio and TV news broadcasts to hear or see information regarding school closings.  The school will have this information posted as soon as possible.
(607) 533-3020 Ext. 1103 (Childcare Office)