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Lansing Walks a Mighty Distance

Lansing Central School District has been putting a little extra pep in their step lately. The Mighty Milers program recently wrapped up at Lansing with outstanding results.

The Mighty Milers program started about three years ago, thanks to the efforts of Leone Inman. The program is sponsored by the New York Road Runners and is free for all who participate. The program aims to help encourage participants to get moving, release energy constructively, improve aerobic fitness, set and strive for goals, develop the healthy habit of exercise, and bond with their class and school.

“There are many studies that support the benefits of exercise and their link to academic readiness in children,” said Leona Inman, organizer of the Mighty Milers program at Lansing. “The program can certainly help students increase their focus on their classwork too, after being on the track for 20 minutes.”

This year, an impressive 440 students signed up for the Mighty Milers program, with 24 classrooms and the PTSO all participating. A total of 8,167 miles were logged for the 2016-17 school year.

The program started three years ago with a mix of first and third grade teachers at R.C. Buckley Elementary School stepping up to join in on the fun. Since then, the program has grown to include more students and classes each year. The program runs in the morning five days a week, from 9:15 to 9:35 a.m. For the fall, Mighty Milers begins each year around the third week of September and runs until the third week of November. For the spring, the program starts in the second or third week of April and runs until the end of May. Mighty Milers is completely voluntary, but students really enjoy getting outside of the classroom for a bit, racing to meet up with the warmer weather.

Mighty Milers encourages students to walk or run with program incentives. Throughout the program, student progress is tracked, with Mrs. Inman inputting their laps into an online database for families to see. As each student meets a different mileage mark, they are rewarded with a prize. Their progress is also tracked with “toe tokens,” which are given to a student for every five miles they run. Over 1,630 toe tokens were given out for the Mighty Milers program this year, all of which were generously funded through the Lansing PTSO. At different mileage markers, students are given different incentives. For example, students are given a drawstring bag upon reaching five miles and a t-shirt upon reaching a half marathon of 13.1 miles. With 8,167 miles logged, 121 students achieved their first marathon (26.2 miles), 18 students achieved their second marathon, seven achieved a third marathon, and two achieved a fourth marathon.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Mighty Milers such a success this year. From teachers, to administration, to the PTSO, this program has been so popular thanks to you! Keep on walking, LCSD!