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Lansing counts down to the holiday season with fitness

The Lansing Central School District has been counting down to the upcoming holiday recess in a fit and fun way this year. The district is taking part in a 12 Days of Fitness challenge, which will run from Dec. 11 to Dec. 22. The challenge is sponsored by the Lansing wellness committee, Lansing GO!, and has been met with great enthusiasm from Lansing CSD employees and students.
The 12 Days of Fitness challenge consists of a new challenge each day, and each morning students and staff are greeted with this new fitness challenge. The goal is to perform the fitness challenge assigned for the designated day, as well as the exercises for the previous days. For example, on Day 1, participants only had one exercise. On Day 2, participants will do the exercises from Day 1 and Day 2, and so on.
This is the second year the 12 Days of Fitness challenge has helped students and staff count down to the holiday recess, and the first year that students have been included in the challenge. In order to better accommodate and encourage all ages and abilities, each exercise has three levels of difficulty. The challenge is in no way meant to be a competition, but rather a fit and fun way to ring in the holidays.
The idea for the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge came from R.C. Buckley Elementary School Physical Education Teacher, Melissa Pope. Having done something similar at another local fitness studio, Pope worked to find a way to bring the idea to Lansing.
“I wanted to find a way to incorporate this at our district,” said Pope. “So I adapted it a bit for our district to make it simpler, varying the levels of difficulty to appeal to all ages and abilities, and making it easy to do at home with no equipment needed.”
Pope’s hope was that in making the exercises simple and something that could easily be done at home, employees and students would complete the exercises at school, home, the gym, or with family and friends. After a successful initial run last year and positive feedback from Lansing CSD employees, Pope decided to open up the challenge to students as well.
“The students are loving it,” said Pope. “They have been asking me what the next day's challenge is, and telling me about them doing it in their classrooms. They seem really excited to be a part of it!”
To learn more about Lansing GO! and upcoming activities, visit their website.