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STEAM begins with Laser Light Show

Thursday, Feb. 1 marked the launch of STEAM month. Students from R.C. Buckley Elementary School and Lansing Middle School were invited to attend a laser light show in the LMS auditorium. The event was sponsored by the Lansing PTSO and the Lansing CDC Tech Boosters.

The start of STEAM month began with a laser light show for the students from R.C. Buckley and LMS. Walking into the LMS auditorium, students and staff were greeted with a variety of music that soon had students and staff dancing as they made their way to their seats. The presentation then began with Lansing PTSO President Kristin Hopkins. Mrs. Hopkins and thanked the CDC Tech Boosters of Lansing for partnering with the PTSO to bring the laser light show to Lansing Central School District. She then introduced the laser light show host, Ben, who took to the stage and invited the students from Lansing CSD to join his laser team.

Both assemblies promoted the idea of team work, with the theme of “Do the RIGHT thing!” Showing students how to do so was Ben and his laser figure friend, Billy. The presentation focused on the elements of what it meant to do the RIGHT thing, which stood for respect, integrity, generous, honest, and true. As each element was introduced, Ben and Billy would show students how to sign the element, using American Sign Language. Students were quick to learn the signs, which were repeated throughout the show.

Ben and Billy showed students that the laser light show consisted of only three lasers – red, green, and blue. The theme of the day continued, with Ben and Billy showing that when the colors work together, they can create a variety of different colors and designs. From here, the show began. Music played throughout the auditorium, with videos to accompany the songs. Students were invited to sing and dance along to all of the songs, which they did with ease.

At the end of the presentation, Ben and Billy reviewed the elements of RIGHT with students, reciting and practicing the signs they learned. The assembly finished with students and staff giving themselves a round of applause for doing a great job with their signs and practicing doing the “RIGHT” thing.

To see a clip from the presentation, click here. Videos from the presentation can also be found on the Lansing PTSO Facebook page.
Laser Show Image Laser Show Image
Laser Show Image "Do the RIGHT thing"