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The Enrichment Program at Lansing Central Schools reaches students in grades 2 - 6 who exhibit extraordinary interest, curiosity, skill, and a thirst for learning. The purpose of the program is to challenge and inspire creative thinking through research, presentation, performance, competitions, hands-on experiments and mathematical problem solving beyond what is possible in the regular classroom. Students in this program work in small groups, often collaborating to find answers and reveal new questions. The program is run by Kate Bevington, a teacher with 16+ years experience in the Lansing Schools.  Click on the schools below for more information.

        Elementary School                                                                     Middle School      
Mary Kate Q. and Jenna M. 
building the "Impossible Tower"
Toby R. and Aidan S.
Problem Solving.
Trent T. and Aiden V., Success!
Kirida I. and Emma S.
Working it Out