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After Prom Party 2018 A Success!

After prom
While Lansing High School students took over the dance floor at the Ithaca Hotel for the LHS Prom 2018, volunteers and event organizers were busy at The Rink transforming the space for the LHS After Prom Party. Just like previous years, the transformation was nothing short of impressive.

A total of 155 students – over 80 percent of the junior and senior class – entered The Rink for the After Prom Party to find that it was given a complete makeover for the evening. Like previous years, the facility was set up with a DJ, a tent with furniture inside, poker and black jack tables, a photo booth, a movie theatre, and much more. New this year was an escape room, an obstacle course, a Netflix binge watching room, and a giant slide – all of which students enjoyed throughout the night. The two turf fields were set up with an obstacle course and lawn games. When they were looking to cool off, students stopped over at the ice skating rink, where they participated in open skating and games.

Along with the numerous activities available for students throughout the night, there was plenty of food and snacks available throughout the evening, from pizza and subs to an ice cream sundae bar. All food for the party was generously donated and funded through donations from local businesses and community members. Planning for the event begins in January each year.

“The event was another success for the Lansing students and our community,” said Melissa Ferris, an event organizer for the After Prom Party. “But it was a success due to the support of our community and our volunteers.”

With the support of the Lansing Bobcats Sports Booster Club and the generous donations of SADD, local businesses, parents, teachers, and community members, the After Prom Party is completely free for LHS students to attend. The After Prom Party is open to all 11th and 12th grade students in good standing at LHS and their prom guests. Students do not need to attend prom to attend the After Prom Party. The After Prom Party starts at 11:00 p.m. and goes until 3:00 a.m.

After Prom is a part of the Sports Boosters. Looking to get involved in After Prom next year? Please contact Melissa Ferris for more details.

Thank you to the following volunteers, donors, and donations for making this event so successful!
Lynn VandePoel
Jamie Ferris
David Ferris
Randy Swearingen
Shelley Matheny
Beth Hogan
Katrina Overton
Denise Zajac
Stacy Wilder
Vicky Williamson
Roger VandePoel
John Callister
Michelle Sanito
Fran Bell
Deb Bell
Glenna Miller
Steve Kuramato
Ellen Garcia
Barbara Caulkins
Glenn Dowell
Chris Miller
Lyn Labar
Mark Hulsebosch
Ron Babuka
Kim Babuka
Melissa Ferris
Colleen Ledley
Megan Conaway
Kathy McDonald
Randy McDonald
Kathleen Hulsebosch
Megan Hildreth
Sabine Coats
Jeanne Taylor
Karen Hradisky
Kimberly Williamson
Corporate Donors:
The Wood Office
Snyder's Repair Shop
H&J Hospitality
Lansing Funeral Home
Security Mutual
Dr. Conte
Jay Williamson CLU
Lansing Community Council
Ithaca Podiatry
Borg Warner
Cayuga Facial Surgery
Dr. Duthie
Larkin Agency
Lake Breeze
Community Donors:
Callister/Hogan Family
Coates Family
Crannell Family
Csaki Family
David Ferris
Desnoes Family
Eisenhut Family
Fish Family
Garcia Family
Geoff Wright
Gustafson Family
Heck Family
Hibbard Family
Hollister Family
Hulsebosch Family
Jackson Family
Jeanne Bishop
Jones Family
Joseph/Goehler Family
Keefe Family
Kirkwood Family
Kropp Family
Kuramoto Family
Lovenheim Family
Miller Family
Nedrow Family
Overton Family
Parkes Family
Robinson Family
Rogers/Lambert Family
Rushlow Family
Salmon/Walter Family
Sanito Family
Sayles Family
Silva Family
Stokes Family
Strait Family
Suarez Family
Sullivan Family
Thilbault Family
VandePoel Family
Weil Family
Wilder Family
Williamson Family
Zemanick Family
In kind donations:
DP Dough
Rasa Spa
Lisa’s Dream Salon
Munson Tires
Kris and Jeff Lewis
Deborah Schwartz
Plato’s Closet
ESPN Radio
Papa John’s
Trisha Firth
Sherri Hildreth
Marcie Bean
Melissa Ferris
The Rink/Field
East Hill Flying Club
LHS Front Parking Space
Lakebreeze Ice Cream
Meg Keilbach
Styles and Smiles
Lean and Diane Smith
Kathleen Hulsebosch
Lynne VandePoel
Best Buy                     
Lansing Bobcats Sports Booster Club
Gwen Beck
Stacey Stauffenecker
Sabine Coates
Lorrene Adams
Robin Rogers
Denise Robinson
Lansing PTSO
Hopson Family