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Capital Project Informational Meeting - Sept. 26, 2018

Capital Project Informational MeetingOn Wednesday, Oct. 24, the Lansing Community is invited to vote on the 2020 Community, Safety, and Health & Wellness Capital Project. The project will carry a $0.00 additional tax burden. The total projected cost of the project is $7.32 million, with financing over an estimated period of 15 years and no additional taxes needed. An informational meeting on the capital project will be held on Sept. 26, 2018 at 6 p.m. in the R.C. Buckley Teacher Center. For more information, visit the capital project webpage.

The 2020 Community, Safety, and Health & Wellness Capital Project focused on addressing district-wide infrastructure updates, safety and security improvements, and improvements to both educational and athletic facilities. Along with HVAC updates throughout the district, there will also be improvements to entrances at both the elementary school and the high school to be more secure, while at the same time to continuing to be welcoming. The elementary cafeteria will be expanded to create an improved dining experience, as well as creating a large group space that adequately services school building and community events.

When planning this project, a long-range plan was developed for athletic facility improvements. For this capital project, an improvement and increase to tennis facilities is proposed, as the tennis courts are no longer able to be resurfaced since the foundation has exceeded its life expectancy and requires full replacement. Necessary improvements will also be made to our track to maintain its integrity in the near term.

There will be additional work that addresses the continued maintenance of facilities, including the non-educational buildings that support district operations. There is a detailed list of the various improvements to each of the schools available in our 2020 Community, Safety, and Health & Wellness Capital Project newsletter. The goal of the 2020 Capital Project is to address the basic infrastructure repairs necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the Lansing CSD students, staff, and community.
When considering the financing of this project, the Lansing CSD once again focused on prudent fiscal decision-making through a combination of the strategic use of the District’s capital reserve funds to maximize our available state aid and the use of existing resources.

For more information on this project, view the informational newsletter.