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LHS teacher brings national historical sites to Lansing

Over the past two summers, Lansing High School History Teacher Chris Finn has participated in a different kind of summer vacation -  a summer sabbatical. During this time, Mr. Finn has visited many historical sites across the country, in an effort to provide more diverse course work to his students.

Mr. Finn’s focus during the sabbaticals has been on a variety of topics. Last summer, he went to Alabama and Mississippi to see historical sites related to the National Civil Rights movement.

“I have a concentration in African American history so seeing Mississippi, where Emmett Till was killed, and the National Civil Rights museum was a must see,” said Mr. Finn. 

This past summer, he went to Texas, where he visited sites such as Dealey Plaza in Dallas, the Lyndon Johnson Library in Austin, Texas, the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park in Stonewall, and the Alamo in San Antonio.

“I most appreciated visiting Dealey Plaza in Dallas,” said Mr. Finn. “It was the site of where John F. Kennedy was killed and it was a very powerful experience.”
Mr. Finn has documented his last two summers on his Twitter account, where he provides photos from his visits to historical sites. To view photos from his trip and learn more about his experiences at each of the historical sites, visit his Twitter account at