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About the Lansing Mental Health Department

At the Lansing Central School District, we have the resources in place to assist our students. Learn more about these resources below.

Meet the Lansing Mental Health Team

Local Mental Health Resources   

What You Should Know


Tips for Your Student

Academic Achievement Tips
College Readiness Tips
Wellness Tips

Contact Us

Dana Robson, Lansing High School, School Psychologist | Phone: 607-533-3020 x3107 | Email:
Ellen Cohen-Rosenthal, R.C. Buckley Elementary School, School Psychologist | Phone: 607-533-3020 x1105 | Email:
Amber Alberta, R.C. Buckley Elementary School, Social Worker | Phone: 607-533-3020 x 1106 | Email:
E. Farr Carey, Lansing Middle School, School Psychologist | Phone: 607-533-3020 x2160 | Email:
Melanie Towner, Lansing Middle School Social Worker | Phone: 607-533-3020 ext 2132 | Email:
Tanya Thompson, Lansing Middle School, School Counselor | Phone: 607- 533-3020 ext. 2150 | Email:
Stephen Jones, Lansing High School, School Counselor (L-Z) | Phone: 607-533-3020 x 3108 | Email: 
Beth Evener, Lansing High School Counselor (A-K) | Phone: 607-533-3020 ext. 3109 | Email: