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LMS is PAW-Some – PBIS Update

LMS is PAW-Some
The start of the school year was full of new adventures for students at Lansing Middle School. One of these adventures has been the start of Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions (PBIS). PBIS is well on its way to being a game changer at LMS.

The school year at LMS began with the launch of the PBIS program, which consisted of teaching LMS students the behavior expectations for all the common areas of the building, including hallways, bathrooms, locker rooms, cafeteria, grounds, recess and bus. Each teacher in the middle school developed their own set of behavior expectations for their classroom and spent time teaching them to students. The overarching goal for all members of the LMS community is to show respect for themselves, others, and the environment within which they work.

Once the expectations were taught, the adults in the building then spent the month of September reinforcing the expectations through the use of a ticket system. When students were seen showing respect for themselves, others, and the environment, they were given a ticket. The tickets could then be entered into a daily raffle. By October, over 50 kids from each grade level were able to choose a prize from the reinforcement cart, due to winning the daily raffle and exhibiting the behavior expected in LMS.

With the success of the ticket system, LMS will now move into a new phase of PBIS reinforcement, and the ticket system will cease. Reinforcements will come at a much more natural pace, in the form of stickers to be earned and placed on a Paw Card. Each Paw Card has space for five stickers and students may turn in their completed cards to get a reward from a variety of options, also referred to as the Menu of Reinforcers. Rewards range from ice cream coupons to cooking classes, water bottles, free gym time, and Bobcat gear. Students also have the opportunity to “bank” their completed cards and save them up for larger rewards. There is no longer a raffle, as every student who fills a Paw Card is eligible to earn a reward. This phase of reinforcement will continue through the next three to four months at LMS.

What can you do to support PBIS? Ask your child if they can tell you what the behavior expectations are for different areas in the building and have a discussion about why it is important to have a set of behavior expectations. If you have a service or item that you would be willing to donate to our Menu of Reinforcers, contact Ms. Kropp. Stay tuned for more information about PBIS as the year progresses.