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R.C. Buckley students Skype with author Karin Yan Glaser

Skype Author Session

"In the middle of a quiet block on 141st Street, inside a brownstone made of deep red shale, the Vanderbeeker family gathered in the living room for a family meeting." - “The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street” by Karin Yan Glaser

In the library of R.C. Buckley Elementary School, on the morning of Tuesday, Dec. 18, students in the R.C. Buckley Meet the Author Club gathered for a meeting with author Karin Yan Glaser. Glaser is the author of the clubs most recent book, “The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street.” Students were able to chat with Glaser via Skype, and spent the morning learning more about the book, what it’s like to be an author, how authors work and choose their characters, and much more.

The R.C. Buckley Meet the Author Club consists of third and fourth-graders and is run by R.C. Buckley Teacher Librarian Madelyn Lombardo and Fourth Grade Teacher Jessica Garrow. The club gives students the chance to read one book together throughout the month, and then meet to discuss the book. New this year, the club is doing a “Meet the Author” series, which will allow students to Skype with the author in the library. The session with Glaser was the first Skype author session the club has ever done – and after its success, it certainly will not be the last.

When the Skype session began and Glaser appeared on the screen, students were delighted to see Glaser and her pet rabbit greet them. A moment later, students laughed as they saw her pet cat also walk across the screen. Glaser then used the session to answer questions from students, explaining how she became an author and offering suggestions to the aspiring writers of the group.

“I love being an author,” said Glaser. “I love when the book comes out and I get to talk to students like you guys.”
Glaser then went on to tell students that she started writing because she loved to tell stories. Students asked Glaser questions from a prepared list they had set up in the library, focusing on her writing process and important characters, places, and elements within the book.
“When writing a book, you have to revise a lot,” said Glaser. “It is a lot of work to be an author… writers have to be very dedicated and focused -- I love it.”
After the final question – “How do you teach a bunny new tricks?” – Glaser ended the session by taking a group photo of the students. She told the group it’s something something she likes to do to remember all of her author sessions – and her audience.