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PBIS Reboot at Lansing Middle School

Reboot was the theme of the day at Lansing Middle School on Friday, January 18, 2019. Students and staff at LMS started the day off with an assembly for a “Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Reboot.” The reboot allowed both staff and students at LMS to refresh the PBIS program, reminding students of the school wide expectations PBIS focuses on.

“Why do we reboot?” Ms. Kropp asked the students of LMS at the start of the presentation. “We reboot our phones, when there might be an upgrade or an update. Why not reboot the PBIS program?”

After a review of the schoolwide expectations, the assembly then launched into an interactive format with PBIS bingo. Anticipation buzzed throughout the auditorium, as students eagerly awaited further instruction once they received their bingo cards. Ms. Kropp then explained the rules of PBIS bingo – students were to identify the correctly demonstrated schoolwide expectations in a series of videos. A minute later, the auditorium filled with laughter as students saw the LMS eighth grade team on video, walking down the hallway. Some teachers were demonstrating positive hallway behaviors, while others added a humorous twist to the video. At the conclusion of the video, Ms. Kropp asked students to identify the positive behaviors and mark them on their bingo cards. Students planned to watch more videos, all featuring their teachers, over the next few school days.

“We thought this would be a fun way to reboot our minds and wrap them around the building level expectations – while also getting everyone excited about PBIS again,” said Ms. Kropp.

Ms. Kropp ended the assembly on a light note, introducing the beloved – and very well known – LMS band, Rogue Salami. Students cheered as the band took to the stage and treated audience member to two songs, “Wonder” by Natalie Merchant and “Walls” by Tom Petty.

At the conclusion of the assembly, students were dismissed back to their classes. From there, seventh and eighth-grade students boarded the bus to continue the fun for the day at The Rink. Both at The Rink and at LMS, students continued practicing the ideas behind the PBIS reboot, as they participated in a variety of games, crafts, and projects together.

See photos from the adventures at The Rink below!