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Paws Around LMS

Lansing Middle School students and staff have been taking part in the Be the One campaign by putting “Paws Around LMS.”
The Be the One campaign is a countywide effort promoting the philosophy that every person needs a safe, stable and nurturing relationship in order to lead a happier, more resilient and healthier life. For the Paws Around LMS activity, individuals in Lansing Middle School filled in paw prints with who their “one” is. Other paw prints provided a chance to celebrate individuals whose actions showed kindness, respect for self and others, positive behavior or made someone feel safe.
The paw prints are displayed in the halls of the Middle School and completely encircle the building. They span the width of the building and on two floors, continuing in the stairwells. The paw prints are a visual reminder for everyone about how to be the “one” for someone else and build resilience both for individuals and the school community at large.
This activity is part of a broader engagement with the Be the One campaign across the entire Lansing Central School District that began earlier in the school year. Students have taken charge in brainstorming how to implement this philosophy in our school communities. More activities are planned to continue participation and further encourage safe, stable and nurturing relationships for all individuals in Lansing Schools.

be the one in Lansing