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Lansing Student Podcast Recognized by New York Times

Lansing student Trinity Edwards was one of the winners of the New York Times’ Second Annual Student Podcast Contest.
From nearly 900 submissions, only 12 entries were chosen as winners. Trinity Edwards recorded the podcast as part of a unit during spring semester of English 11. The project introduces students to recording and editing techniques and teaches them how to produce their own podcasts.
“We wanted to experiment with ways to capture student voice that engaged those students who were perhaps reluctant to write a substantial amount, but who felt comfortable speaking,” said English teacher Andie Huskie. “Podcasts seemed like a great medium for this. With the help of the BOCES Teknologia grant program, teacher librarian Nick Johnston and I have continued to experiment with other digital storytelling methods to help young people reflect on their unique experiences and perspectives.”
Students were invited to submit their projects to the New York Times Student Podcast Contest. Mason Edwards, Ryan Barton, Arista Rutherford-Reed, Hannah Lennox and Siobhan Hull’s submissions all also made it through to the second round of judging in the contest.
To listen to all of the narrative podcasts produced by students this year for the unit click here.

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