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Concession Stand Sign Up

A full concession stand is typically set up for all varsity sports and JV sports taking place at Sobus Field and the high school (at the discretion of Boosters). Mini concession stands may be set up for other high school sports. A full concession stand consists of hotdogs, pizza, popcorn, water, a variety of sodas, Gatorade and candy. Nachos may be included as a special.  Mini concession stands may be set up for some events and may include candy, sodas, water and Gatorade.
  • Any monies raised from concession stand sales shall be placed in the Boosters General Fund.  The Boosters General Fund supports all teams and student-athletes.
  • Volunteers run the concession stand. Concessions stands cannot open without volunteers!  We welcome Boosters members, Lansing staff or parents, and community members who want to support our student-athletes!  Volunteers for sales need not  be limited to the parents of the sports being contested!  Boosters is here for all of our sports and fans -- and so we ask for volunteers from the whole community!
  • Parent liaisons (aka parent representatives) are tasked with obtaining volunteers to work the concession stand during their season and with signing out the concession key and startup money.  The Boosters concessions coordinator will assist with soliciting volunteers from the general membership and community.
    • Concessions volunteers may be team parents who are helping during the times when their child(ren) are not playing.  For example, the JV basketball parent liaison would find parent volunteers from the JV basketball team to work the Varsity basketball game, while the Varsity basketball parent liaison would find parent volunteers from the Varsity basketball team to work the JV basketball games.
    • Concessions volunteers may also be parents from other sports/seasons and Lansing community members who are willing to step up and support our teams.
    • ALL profits from ALL sports help ALL of the athletes -- so we strongly encourage parents to gather some friends and sign up for a sport OTHER than the one played by their children.  Cheer on the Bobcats and know that you're support all of our student-athletes with your time and efforts!
    • If everyone donates some of their time, then the burden is not carried by only a few.  Many hands lighten the load!
Boosters encourages students to come out and cheer on their fellow Bobcats from the stands!
We seek adult volunteers for our concession stands.