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Parent Representatives

Sports Boosters Parent Representatives are our link to the teams! 

When parent representatives bring their updates to our meetings and share feedback and suggestions, we are better able to serve Lansing's student-athletes, their families, and their fans.  We rely on our parent reps not only for this important communication but also as a critical link in our most important form of fundraising: concessions.  We are seeking volunteers from ALL sports to staff the stand, regardless of season -- and while we recognize that parent reps from teams at which concessions are sold do take on added responsibility, we thank ALL sports parents in advance for stepping up to help out.  

It is recommended that at least one parent representative be appointed for each Varsity and Junior Varsity team.  Their roles and responsibilities are:
  • Liaison between the team and the Booster’s Club.
  • An authorized signer on the team’s Booster account, which allows them to make deposits and authorize expenditures for the team. See the Team Monetary Accounts Page for procedures on how to make deposits/expenditures.
  • Represent the team at each Booster’s meeting.
  • Knows how to run the concession stand and partners with the Boosters concessions coordinator to find adults to staff the concession stand at their team’s events.
  • Signs out start-up money and concessions keys for concession stands at their team's events.