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Team Monetary Accounts

  • Each varsity team may raise funds for their team’s use in accordance with LCSD fundraising policies.  Per LCSD fundraising policies: fundraising should benefit students collectively or in recognized groups.
  • The Club holds Team Funds separately from the General Club Fund. Any monies raised from team fundraising activities shall be placed in the individual team account.  Any monies raised from concession stand sales shall be placed in the Booster General Fund.  General fund monies are used for items that benefit the athletic program as a whole and to fund annual graduation awards.
  • Before a team may deposit or withdraw from their team account, an Authorized Representatives Form must be completed and returned to the Club.  Only those individuals listed on this form may sign deposit forms, check requisitions, and obtain the balance of the team account.  NO financial transactions may take place without this completed form.
  • Coaches should track their program's fundraising profits and expenditures.
Deposits to Team Accounts
  • Monies collected for the team account should be turned in to the Club Treasurer with a deposit slip. 
  • Deposits should be placed in a sealed envelope with deposit slip and dropped in the district office drop slot OR hand-delivered to the Club Treasurer.
Starting Cash for Fundraisers; It is the responsibility of the coach or team parent representative to obtain any starting cash required for their fundraising event. 

Invoice Payments & Reimbursements

  • Submit the original invoice that requires payment along with a completed check requisition form to the Club Treasurer either through district mail (addressed to Sports Boosters) or hand-deliver to the Treasurer.  At least TWO authorized signatures (parent team representatives, rostered athletes, BOE-appointed coaches) must be included.

  • For reimbursement, a “clean” receipt (no personal items listed, only those that the team is reimbursing) should be submitted with a completed check requisition form as noted above. 

  • The individual who is being reimbursed should NOT be one of the two signatures on the form