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Graduation Awards

Purpose:  The Booster Club awards are designed to recognize for their leadership and good sportsmanship they have displayed while wearing blue and gold as a Lansing student-athlete and to support them in their future endeavors.
Awards:  Each year the Booster Club will award four $500 awards to graduating Lansing High School students.  The intent is to give two awards to female student athletes and two to male student athletes, although the Board reserves the right to adjust this ratio depending on the merit of applicants. 
Criteria:  Each student athlete recipient must meet all of the following criteria:
·        Students and/or their family must be a Booster member for the two years preceding the award
·        The student must have an overall GPA of 75 or better
·        They must have played in at least 3 Varsity sport seasons, with at least 1 being in their senior year. 
·        Must not have violated the Athletic Code of Conduct and Athletic Handbook

Selection Process:  From a list of all qualified candidates, four winners will be selected,  Recipient of the award will not be receiving more than 1  awards from the district at graduation..