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Emergency Closing Information

School closing information will be posted on our main web page - as soon as possible.  Local radio and television stations will be contacted as well.  

The decision to close will be made as early as possible so that parents can plan for their children.  On a rare occasion it may be necessary to close school after school is in session.  In that case, the web site will be updated and those same radio and television stations will be notified. Be sure that your child's emergency closing information is up to date.  DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL as that ties up the phone lines and makes it impossible to contact bus drivers, media and other emergency personnel. 
WSTM CH3 Syracuse WBNG CH12 Binghamton
WTVH CH5 Syracuse WENY CH36 Elmira
WSYR CH9 Syracuse WETM CH18 Elmira
YNN CH10 Syracuse  
WICB FM 91.7 Ithaca WGVA AM 1240 Geneva
WHCU AM 870 Ithaca WLLW 99.3 Seneca Falls
WYXL FM 97.3 Ithaca WFLR AM 1570 Dundee
WNYY AM 1470 Ithaca WEBO AM 1330 Owego
WQNY FM 103.7 Ithaca WNBF AM 1290 Binghamton
WVBR FM 93.5  Ithaca WAAL FM 99.1 Binghamton
 WIII FM 99.9 Cortland WSKG FM 90.9 Binghamton
WENY AM 1230 Elmira WNYR 98.5 Waterloo
WAUB 1590 Auburn WCGR 1550 Canandaigua

When deciding whether to close schools, safety is our top priority. We consider many factors, including road conditions, wind chill, and downed power lines.
On nights when the weather is threatening, District staff members assess weather conditions, consult with members of the Town of Lansing Highway Department, and communicate with neighboring school districts to assess road and sidewalk conditions.
Severe cold temperatures can also lead to closing schools. The Monroe County Department of Health recommends that we begin considering closing schools if the wind chill is expected to reach between -25 and -40 degrees. We follow that guideline. To protect children from the elements in cold weather, please ensure that they:  are dressed warmly in layers of windproof clothing; have spare, dry gloves and socks with them; have adequate head covering, ear protection, and gloves; know not to remain outdoors if they become wet, cold, or experience pain or numbness in any part of their body, particularly the tips of their ears, noses, fingers, or toes; and, have a safe place to go in an emergency or if there is a delay in their pick up from slow traffic and they need assistance to stay warm.
Each year we allot time for anticipated snow days. While we try not to exceed the designated number of days, we will never compromise the health and safety of our children and staff in extreme weather conditions that may require us to close.
As always, it is up to you as parents or guardians to make the final decision as to whether your children will attend school on a given day. If you feel the weather is too severe, you have the right to keep your children home. In that case, it is essential that you contact the school to alert them of your children’s absence and to arrange for missed work so they do not fall behind in school. In such cases, missed days without justification for impassable roads or medical reasons are logged as illegal absences.