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Welcome to the Lansing Sports History Website. My name is Marty Christopher, Lansing High School Class of 1960 alumnus, Chairman of the Lansing Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee, and a proud member of the Athletic Hall of Fame, Class of 2000.

A number of months ago while researching information on a team from the 1960’s, I found myself looking through yearbooks in the high school library, only to note that many were missing from the 1940’s through the 1980’s. I continued my search throughout offices at the school, finding a nearly complete set housed in the Lansing District Office. With the help of Patty Heaton, High School Librarian, and Sue French, District Treasurer, I was able to co-ordinate relocation of missing years to the District Office where we presently have nearly a complete set from 1932 through 2009.
While continuing my project It became very obvious  that yearbooks have wonderful sports photos but limited statistics.   Some years contain Won/Loss records, but most reflect no records.  I thought that it would be nice to have one source containing a compilation of basic information for all sports.
After discussing my idea with fellow alumnus Ron Eastman, I recruited him to work with me on the project.  We decided to start from 1950 and secure team Win-Loss records, Head Coaches, and League Titles/Championships won for each year.
Our goal would be to include all sports for boys and girls, as each sport became part of the Lansing Athletic Program.  Research would begin by utilizing yearbooks, contacting former and present coaches and athletes, and searching out alumni whom we thought may have kept scrapbooks.
Initially my plan was to delay the development of the Website until we had completed every sport, securing 100% of the information for each year.  However, I decided to have the Website set up to make the public aware of the project, and recruit their help in filling gaps for missing years.
We have only scratched the surface, so if a favorite sport hasn't appeared yet, it will.  If you have information that can help us complete missing years, or can provide substantial help in a particular sport not yet covered, please contact me.  Your help will be appreciated.

Our first goal is to see this initial phase completed, but we have plans for further development in the future.  Tina Mallinson from the Athletic Department will be out IT Specialist, coordinating and inputting the data.  We hope you enjoy this Sports History Website, and please let me know if you have information to help with a sport or sports.  Contact me at (607) 533-7782, or by E-Mail @

Thank you,
Martin A. “Marty” Christopher 
Chairman, Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee
February 17th, 2010
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