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Tennis Boys Season Records

Year Record Coach Title
2014   Michael Bryant  
2013 W=14   L=0   Michael Bryant IAC, Section, Division, and League Champ
2012 W=14   L=0   Michael Bryant   IAC, Division, League, and Sectional Champs
2011 W=10   L=0  Michael Bryant     1st Place Regular Season, 1st Place IAC Tournament, Class C Sectional Champions
#3 Singles: 1st Place - Jonathan Sun
#4 Singles: 1st Place - Nick Zarate  
#2 Doubles: 1st Place: Josh McGiff/Andrew Bertonica

#3 Doubles: 1st Place: Katie Jordan/Louis Barrette
2010 W=9   L=1 Michael Bryant   1st Place Regular Season IAC, 1st Place IAC Tournament 
IAC D1:Nicolo Gentile/Andy Parkes

IAC D2 Matt Tucci/Nick Zarate
IAC D3 Nicholas Geisler/Ashley Fleming
2009 W=8   L=2  Cindy Wright   D2 Keenan Hughes & Jon Sun, IAC Champs
2008 W=7   L=3  Cindy Wright   Team 2nd @ IAC Championships
D3 Nick Urbany & Nicolo Gentile, IAC Champs
2007 W=9   L=1    Cindy Wright   Team 2nd @ IAC Championships & Class C Sectionals 
MVP Devon Grant-Keane, Sectional Runner-Up
2006 W=8   L=3  Cindy Wright   Co MVP Adam Hardie & Devon Grant- Keane
D3  Katie Bruno & Walker Diebolt, IAC Champs
2005 W=7   L=3 Cindy Wright   Co MVP Adam Hardie & Devon Grant-KIeane
2004 W=8   L=2 Cindy Wright   MVP S2 Peter Marer, IAC Champ 
S1 Matt Dietert, IAC Champ & Team Sportsmanship Award
2003 W=6   L=3   Cindy Wright   MVP Matt Dietert 9-0
2002 W=9   L=1  Cindy Wright  Tied IAC Champs; 3rd at IAC Tourney; 
MVP Matt Dietert, 1st at IAC Tourney & Class C Sectional Champ
2001 W=9   L=0  Cindy Wright   IAC Team Champs; 
D1 J. Usack & J. Disbro-IAC Champs; D3 Matt Dietert & A. Myers-IAC Champs
2000 W=5   L=4 Cindy Wright   MVP Puneet Panda {6-2} 3rd in Sectionals