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What to Teach - Mathematics


CCLS Unpacking and Alignment to Materials Template

This template, adapted from Allison Sitt's EDM alignment template, asks you to unpack standards to student friendly language and align instructional materials to those outcomes.  Links on this page will lead to some materials ideas.

Helpful Links 

  • Open Up Resources This site houses OER curriculum materials for K-5 ELA and 6-8 Math.  Expeditionary Learning and Illustrative Math authored the materials, which have been revised and piloted in districts.
  • Math Practices 
    Explore this site to learn more about the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP) and how they can be connected to the content standards. Use our Illustrations, centered on student dialogues, to see the Standards for Mathematical Practice in action.
  • Allison Sitt's Math Wiki 
  • Illustrative Math 
    An interactive site for implementing the CCLS (includes ongoing collaborative task development for classroom use)
  • The NYC CCLS Aligned Tasks 
    A webpage that allows you to search teacher-developed tasks, units, student work, rubrics, and more
  • EduCore 
    A collaboration between ASCD and the Gates foundation providing resources for implementing the CCLS and instructional shifts
  • Achieve the Core 
    A collection of tools and resources to support common core implementation