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High School Art

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The Lansing High School Visual Arts Program is rooted in its students’ interests and motivations. So much of the school day can feel extrinsic and un-motivating, yes, at times even in art. However, every unit of study in the art courses gives students choice. Choice in the theme they want to explore in their work, choice in what message they want to communicate to the audience, choice in subject matter, choice in the materials and techniques they employ, choice in the courses they select to take. Students can take their individual passions and use art as a vehicle to express them.
There is more to the Lansing High School Visual Arts Program beyond the making and the end product. Art students look at, discuss, and analyze the works of others. Art students plan intensively, create, practice, experiment, critique, reflect, revise, persist, and publish their works and process. The Lansing High School Art Program teaches students to be metacognitive, constantly documenting their processes and thinking about their own thinking.
Because we allow our students to bring their ideas to the table and explore them, Art students will go the extra mile, put in extra hours, work on their assignments at home, stay after school to get ahead, ask questions outside of class, because they can’t stop thinking about their work. Art students are creators, innovators, explorers of visual media, who can envision an idea and bring it to life.
“It is said that our sciences help improve the physical conditions of life,
but it is the arts that account for our reasons for living.”
—Jerome Hausman, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Lansing High School Visual Arts Course Offerings

Lansing High School Art Department offers a comprehensive and sequential series of art classes. In each class, students explore a variety of approaches to creating art to broaden their skills. Students look at and analyze art through personal, cultural and historical perspectives. Students learn to be flexible while developing self-discipline in working on art projects. Each course curriculum builds on skills and concepts learned the previous year as students refine their ability to communicate visually and effectively. At the end of each course, each artist creates a portfolio of work which demonstrates their skills and visual imagination. Every year art students display their work in the annual Art Show, a terrific event that celebrates their creative talents.
Studio Art 1 This foundation course encourages students to stretch their art experience by exploring a variety of art media and skills. Students can fulfill their required credit in fine arts by successfully completing this class or continue to explore a three or five-course art sequence.
Digital Art 1 This foundation course encourages students to create with electronic media (photography, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, digital drawing). Students can fulfill their required credit in fine arts by successfully completing this class or continue to explore a three or five-course art sequence.
Studio Art 2
Drawing & Painting
Students increase their ability to focus, to see clearly and record accurately what they observe in drawing and painting. Students create works from observation, imagination, emotions, culture as well as historical art sources. This course is a pre-requisite for all upper level art courses.
Studio Art 3
2-3 & 3-D Design
Students explore printmaking, clay, paper, and mixed media to create unique solutions to 2D and 3D design problems.
Art 4 "eART"
Visual Design for Electronic Media
Students develop skills with digital photography and graphic design by using Adobe software including Photoshop and Illustrator. 
(Dual Credit Class with TC3) 
Art 5
Digital Storytelling
Students learn the fundamentals of digital video communication by developing ideas, writing scripts, drawing storyboards, locating sets, creating costumes, acting, shooting scenes, adding sound and editing in Adobe Premiere.
(Dual Credit Class with TC3) 
Advanced Drawing & Painting
  • Students enrolling in this course as a junior are exploring the concept of an AP Art portfolio a year in advanced. 
  • Students enrolling in this course as a senior are working semi-independently to build a senior-level art portfolio based on a theme of their choosing. 
Advanced Placement (AP)
Studio Art in 2-D Design
Students in AP Art work semi-independently to develop and create a series of artworks that explore a central idea or theme that is “visually cohesive”. Students also demonstrate their skills in a variety of approaches to subject matter and medium. To earn college credit, students’ final portfolios are sent to New Jersey to be evaluated by college art professors.

Complete course descriptions and information regarding a visual arts sequence are available in the LHS student course booklet published annually through the Student Services department.