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Middle School Art

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say "Welcome to Middle School Art!"  I see art as one of the most important classes at school.  It offers students the opportunity to express themselves visually and creatively. While providing ample opportunity for students to expand their
problem-solving skills.

I am available outside of class time (either study hall or after school) if students need extra time or help on a project. They should check with me daily for availability.

I've created this website as a resource for my students and their parents. However, it is a work in progress so please don't hesitate to contact me directly if something isn't opening properly in the 'Grade' pages. All the resources have been saved as PDF files. So please be sure your device has a PDF reader before trying to print.
Best Wishes,
Mrs. I

Lee M Iannone
607-533-3020 ext.2183

Lansing Middle School Art Classes

Additional Resources:

  • ArtHub
    A great site with lots of activities for kids.  Step-by-step drawing tutorials.
  • theartfulparent
    A great blog for parents looking to do art projects at home!  A great way to extend the learning and fun beyond the studio here in school!  
  • Deep Space Sparkle 
    An excellent resource for both teachers and parents.  It has many great lesson ideas posted and resources for use in the classroom or at home! 
    This is a great resource that has opportunities in a variety of subjects.  Has great videos, activities, and games!  There are tabs for students, teachers, and parents