September 2021 School Opening and COVID Protocols

  • District COVID-19 Protocols for 2021-2022 

    • Masks are required at all times while indoors.
    • Masks are required outdoors unless able to distance 6ft or more.
    • Limited Vistors:  Visitors must be preapproved.
    • Approved visitors must sign-in and complete the daily screener.
    • Protocols for athletics can be found here:


    Opening of Schools

    September 7-9: Faculty and Staff Training
    September  10: Orientation Days for Students in Grades Pre-K, K, 5 and 9
    September 13: All Students Pre-K - 12

    2021 Community Conversation #1 - AUGUST 9, 2021 - School Opening 

    2021 Community Conversation #2 AUGUST 25, 2021 - School Opening, Power Point Presentation

    Please feel free to email with any questions at

     2021 LHS Opening Conversation - September 1, 2021  - PowerPoint Presentation 


    LCSD is offering 100% virtual isntruction provided by an outside vendor for students determined to be medically fragile.  A medically fragile student is one whose illness and treatment frequently places him/her in extreme, precarious or life threatening circumstances.  Enrollment will be limited to students with health or medical needs documented by a healthcare provider. Applications will be approved through the Office of the Superintendent.  See below to find out if your student falls under this criteria.

    You may apply by completing the Medical Eligibility for Virtual Instruction Form and by submitting the COVID-19 Health Eligibility form completed by the students Health Provider.

    Medical Eligibility for Virtual Instruction Form

    Medical Form to be Completed by Health Provider

    Potentially Medically Fragile Conditions (but not limited to this list):

    • Brain tumor, unspecified
    • Hodgkin’s Disease, unspecified
    • Leukemia, lymphoid unspecified
    • Sarcoma, Lymphoma and other unspecified Cancers
    • Sickle Cell Anemia Disease,(excludes Sickle Cell Trait)
    • Thalassemia
    • Spina Bifida, unspecified region
    • Tracheostomy, complications of Hemophilia, unspecified coagulation defects
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
    • Immunocompromised states (weakened immune systems from genetic
      defects or medications)
    • All Solid Organ Transplants
    • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Dis.
    • Cystic Fibrosis
    • Pulmonary Hypertension
    • Asthma, unspecified
    • Cerebral Palsy, unspecified
    • Colitis, noninfectious, unspecified
    • Crohn’s Disease (regional enteritis, unspecified site)
    • Congenital Anomalies, unspecified
    • Chronic Kidney Disease/End-Stage Renal Disease
    • Heart Disease/Hypertension
    • Diabetes

    Students that have been deemed medically fragile due to COVID-19 will be submitted to the Office of Special Programs to go through the 504 Process.  In addition, we will enroll the student in an approved virtual instruction program. 

    504 Process Information