Use of Facilities

  • The Board of Education encourages use of school facilities when such use does not conflict with the school program, for any of the following purposes:

    For the purpose of instruction in any branch of education, learning or the arts.

    1. For holding social, civic and recreational meetings and entertainments, and other uses pertaining to the welfare of the community; but such meetings, entertainment and uses shall be non-exclusive and shall be open to the general public.
    2. For meetings, entertainments and occasions where admission fees are charted, when the proceeds thereof are to be expended for an educational or charitable purpose; but such use shall not be permitted if such meetings, entertainment, and occasions are under the exclusive control, association or organization of a religious sect or denomination, or of a fraternal, secret or exclusive society.
    Where it is deemed appropriate by the Superintendent of Schools, the sponsoring group would be asked to provide a liability binder saving the School District harmless from all liability.
    For more information, please contact (607) 533-3020, Ext.4200  or (607) 533-3020, Ext.4000.

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