• Renovation Project Proposed for Lansing Central School District

    On Tuesday January 24, 2023, the Lansing Central School District is asking its residents to consider approving a $16,858,166 capital project to make improvements and enhancements to our schools. The District will utilize state building aid, future retirement of debt, and capital reserve funds to minimize the impact of the cost to the taxpayer.


    Project Categories

    Infrastructure & Safety Upgrades


    • 1997 Vintage Roofs at ES, MS, & HS
    • MS Gymnasium Padding & Basketball Hoops
    • HS Courtyard Walls & Windows
    • Natatorium Windows & Lintels
    • HVAC Controls
    • PA System at ES
    • ES Generator
    • MS Large Space Interior Doors
    • Parking/Drop-off Improvements


    Physical Education, Athletics & Community


    • SOBUS Field & Track Replacement
    • HS Gymnasium Floor
    • Bathrooms near Varsity Baseball Field


    For a more detailed look at the project, please read the Capital Project Informational Newsletter.


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Capital Project Vote

  • Proposition Passed in the January 24 vote.

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