Activities and Clubs

  • Early morning clubs are available for third and fourth-grade students, such as Book Club, Chorus or Tech Club. Notices go home in September to sign-up. Students who are signed up for a club may ride to school on the early bus (middle/high school bus) or be dropped off at the school no earlier than 7:30 a.m.

    • Art

    The four 5-week sessions of art club will be split into concentrated art areas. Please rank your interest and we will try to put you in one of your top two choices. NYSATA Portfolio project has a limited amount of spaces available, students who mark this as their first choice will be drawn at random to fill spaces. The clubs will be: 

    Sculpture/Printmaking -- Students will make a sculpture and experiment with several types of printmaking.
    Crafts -- Students will learn how to quill, make a book, make recycled paper beads for a bracelet, and other various crafts.
    Stop Motion Animation/ Digital Art -- Students will create several stop motion animations using digital cameras, Microsoft Power Point, and the iPads. Students will ways to use explore Digital media in place of traditional techniques (drawing, painting, photography).  
    NYSATA Portfolio Project -- For students serious about art! Students will learn how to develop a portfolio, write an artist statement, and create works expressing a personal style or theme. There will be a field trip in April/May to participate in NYSATA Portfolio Project where students will present their portfolio to another art teacher and receive a score. For more information go to Limited Space! Extra meeting dates may be required.

    • Chorus

    3rd and 4th Grade Chorus is available to any 3rd or 4th grader who wishes to sing in a large group setting. Concert clothing: Chorus members need to wear a white top and black bottoms for all performances.

    • Student Council

    R.C. Buckley Elementary School Student Council was established for the following purposes:

    1. To help promote school engagement and pride

    2. To include our students in building wide decision making

    3. To provide our students with the opportunity to learn and
    practice leadership and civic responsibility

    4. To provide service to our Lansing community

    5. To provide our students with conflict resolution training
    Student council meets monthly for 30 minutes on rotating days of the week.