Cap and Gown Ordering

All students MUST have a royal blue Jostens brand cap and gown to participate in graduation. You may borrow from friends or family members if available, but here is your chance to buy your own package.  Please do not wait until the last minute to secure your graduation attire as production and shipping delays persist.

The product named "CAP GOWN AND TASSEL UNIT a" will get you a complete set of graduation regalia. Just caps and tassels or just tassels are available as well.  By picking Lansing High School as you enter the site, it will automatically know to send the royal blue cap and gown and royal and gold tassel.  Caps/gowns/tassels will be shipped directly to LHS and are distributed at the senior breakfast in June.   Feel free to order larger packages, gifts and fun swag as well!  Those are delivered to you as they become available.