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  • May 28 Budget Presentation:  23/24 Budget Operations


    Reminder!  School Vote, Tuesday, May 21st 7 am – 9 pm. 

    The district is tasked with the great responsibility (and joy) of educating LCSD students while balancing the burden of requesting the funding to do so.  We understand that the school budget has a direct impact on all members of our community.  It is a process that weighs heavily on our minds and hearts; confronting the harsh reality of limited resources and competing priorities, understanding that every allocation comes at the expense of something else.  Amidst these challenges and hardships, there is also a glimmer of hope. It has been our experience during these times of adversity that our community truly shines, coming together to support one another and finding creative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems.  We care deeply about the Lansing Central School District and the Lansing community.  We have great pride in being able to call ourselves Bobcats. Thank you for your continued support! 

    Additional Home Assessment and Projected Tax Rate Information

    We are providing additional examples using the projected tax rate with escalating increased assessment options (in addition to the 14% assessment increase sample that was offered to you). The median home assessment increase in the Lansing Central School District is 20.9% while the average home assessment increase is 24%.  The average non-residential percentage assessment increase is 15.9% however this includes tax exempt properties. Please note that working with averages can sometimes provide a distorted or incomplete picture of the data.  For example:

    • Skewed Data: Averages can be heavily influenced by outliers or extreme values. If there are a few exceptionally high or low data points, they can significantly skew the average, making it not representative of the majority of the data.
    • Sensitive to Changes: Averages can be highly sensitive to changes in the data. Adding or removing a single data point can alter the average, potentially leading to misleading conclusions, especially in smaller datasets.
    • Assumption of Normality: Calculating averages often assumes a normal distribution of data. However, if the data is not normally distributed, the average may not be a valid measure of central tendency.

    Overall, the total of all assessments in Lansing Central School District is increasing by 14%.  

    The examples provided are not representative of all properties.  It is important for you to determine your personal home assessment and your personal projected total taxes. Final tax rates will be determined in July.

    To check your home assessment you can use the Imagemate tool:

    Office of Tompkins County Assessment:

    Individual Calculations

    Home Assessment x Project Tax Rate = Projected Total Taxes

    2024-2025 Home Assessment – 2023-2024 Home Assessment = Change in Home Assessment 




    School Budget Vote - May 21st 7a.m. to 9p.m. in the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CAFETERIA 

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    Community Conversation:  2024-2025 Budget 


    Presentation by Jay Franklin, Tompkins County Office of Assessment (Begin at 3:10)

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