Tax Collection

    • 2021 Tax Collection Schedule

      September 1 to September 30: 

      • Full payments due without penalty

      • OR First Installments due with service fee

      October 1 to October 31:

      • Full payments due with penalty

      March 2

      • 2nd Installments Due

      After October 31, all outstanding bills are sent to Tompkins County and become part of your County tax bill.  

      Tax Information 

      • Amounts due
      • Receipts
      • Payment History
      • Option to pay online (additional fees will apply)

      Where do I pay my taxes?

      • In person payments may be made at any Tompkins Trust Company branch location.
      • Payments accepted include: Personal checks, bank checks, or money orders from a recognized financial institution. 
      • Cash Payment will be accepted for Tompkins Trust Company customers ONLY
      • Payments can also be mailed to: 

                 Lansing CSD
                 c/o Tompkins Trust Company
                 PO Box 404
                 Ithaca, NY 14851

      For any questions, please email or call Laura Davis at (607) 533-3020, Ext. 4412