Athletic Placement Process

  • The Athletic Placement Process was designed to address concerns and research about physical fitness and maturity in a comprehensive manner and help school districts ensure that students have the physiological maturity, physical fitness, and skill level in relationship to other students at the desired level of competition.

    Here is some information about how the process works and the transition from the Selective Classification. If you have any questions, please call Director of  Athletics, Katie Crandall, at (607)533-3020 ext. 3129.


    Beginning in the fall season of 2015, the Athletic Placement Process (APP) will be used to advance students to the high school athletic program.


    There are no waivers. If a student does not meet the maturation or physical fitness test, the process stops; the student cannot continue the process.

    The athletic administrator should confirm that the student would participate in at least 50% of the games, is performing at or above grade level academically and has the emotional capability to socialize with high school-aged students. If the student is not academically or socially prepared, the student should not proceed through APP.

    The district medical director will determine the student’s level of physical maturity and compare the physique of the student in relation to that of the students against whom the student wishes to compete. If the student is determined to have attained the appropriate level of physical maturity and is comparable in physique to other students of the desired sports level, the student may proceed to the next step.