Private and Charter School Transportation

  • Rules for Transportation to Private and Charter Schools (non-public schools)
    Students must be also registered in the Lansing School District before transportation request can be considered.
    Students who live within, and are registered with the district may be eligible for busing to a private or charter school which is up to 15 miles from their home address.
    All private and charter school transportation requests must be received by the transportation department by April 1.
    Forms must be renewed each school year. Please use the request form in the link section of the transportation page.
    Only students registered at Lansing, and have submitted transportation request forms may be eligible for transportation. 
    Sorry, guests are not permitted to ride.
    For more information about Non-Public school transportation please visit NYSED.GOV
    Private and Charter School Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. If Lansing Schools are closed for a recess day and my child's private/charter school is open, will we still receive transportation?
    A. Under New York State education law and Lansing Central School District policy, the school district does not have to provide transportation to private/charter schools when district schools are closed. However, the district must provide transportation to and from a special needs school locations or program if the parent(s) request transportation.

    Q. If Lansing Central School District is on an opening delay, how does that affect my child's transportation to private/charter school?
    A. If Lansing is on a one- or two-hour delay, your child will be picked up one or two hours after their normal pick-up time. For example, if the regular pick-up time is at 7:30 a.m., and there is a one-hour delay the student would be picked up at 8:30 a.m.                                                     

    Q. If Lansing Schools are open and running on time, but my child's private/charter school or BOCES program is opening on a delay, how does that affect my child's transportation?
    A. Lansing provides transportation to private/charter schools and/or BOCES programs based on each individual school's policy, some schools may allow students to arrive at the normal time while some may not.  For more information about your student's specific transportation please contact the transportation department.
    Q. How is the "15-mile limit" determined for my child's private/charter school transportation?
    A. Students who request transportation to and from their private/charter schools must live within 15 miles of the school. The "15-mile limit" begins at the end of the student's driveway/pick-up location and runs to the front door of the student's private/charter school.

    Q. My student has friends from their private/charter school that are registered at another school district, may they ride the bus with my child to or from my house?
    A. No, only students registered at Lansing that has submitted a transportation request form may ride the school bus.